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I have been a photographer and content creator for over a decade. The first five I spent in portraiture, weddings, and events, having my work on top of hearths, down family halls, and pinned on refrigerators.  The last five I've spent in marketing and branding careers and found my work on billboards, wrapped around ice cream carts, and in magazines. If there is one thing I've learned, having visuals and branding you are proud of makes growing a business a lot easier. 


1.) You feel better about getting out there because your content is on-brand and cohesive

2.) Beautiful branding gives you automatic street-cred and attracts qualified buyers

While I enjoy making content, I've reached a place in my career where I know my expertise would be better suited around a table brainstorming strategy than in the trenches creating for others. 

If you're interested in a consulting session on how to take your branding, targeting or content to the next level, I'd love to chat! 


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