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Quantum  Healing  Hypnosis

Discover a side of yourself that extends far beyond this reality, a part of yourself that's ancient with wisdom, whimsy and magic. Connect with the eternal you, ready to emerge and remind you who you really are— Infinite, galactic, divine, light.


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And each key is a different life you've had full of wisdom, talents, and gifts. Now imagine you only have access to one key. That's a bit like how we live today. 

This life is a focused fragment of a higher being, and much like all the keys on the piano exist, despite you only operating one, all the aspects of your soul still exist in parallel.🤯🤯🤯 Total mind-bender right?

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With Soul Center Healing Hypnosis, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis method developed by Laura Whitworth that combines entity release, energetic rebuild, past life regression, and higher-self interviews, your subconscious mind steps forward, along with a team of higher beings, to shine a light on the rest of your piano and tune into those other registers.

Your soul is experiencing as much as it can in order to learn, expand, and evolve and that includes both higher and lower notes. Hypnosis is a way to get a sense for the whole picture.


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bringing awareness to the lower notes, and soaking in the higher ones. When we shed light and face the darker parts of our soul (the low notes) it's like cutting away sandbags on a hot air balloon. The less heavy our vessel is the lighter we become, helping us ascend into
higher consciousness.



Pre-Session Chat
Getting to know your life story helps me better understand what might be convoluting your energetic body or clouding your karma and enables me to get ahead of it before we get into hypnosis.

Entity Release
You may not believe it, but there are etheric energies that get lost, confused, or misguided that attach to your energetic bodies and inform thoughts, habits, addictions, energy levels, and more.
This is not scary, it's just part of our reality. With the help of my angel team, I talk to these energies, get the scoop on why they are there, and hand them off to my angels to take them where they nee
d to go.

Energetic Rebuild
To maintain the clearing we do, my angels and I clean and seal your chakra system so that further entities can not get in.

Past Life Regression
Now that we're clean and clear, you can be shown your parallel lives and connect with your higher self and oversoul. The best part is it's with certainty and trust nothing is interfering or hijacking the connection because of the energetic clearing before. This can help guide us in our daily lives and inform us why we are the way we are.

Higher Self Interviews
What's really exciting is that, at the end of all of this, we get to talk to your higher guidance and ask them questions about your health, your situations, your dreams, and the spiritual reason and reality behind them. 

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Now Booking!

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What is S.C.H.H? S.C.H.H. or Soul Center Healing Hypnosis is a Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression Technique developed by Laura Whitworth that specializes in entity release and energetic clearing before getting information from the subconscious. S.C.H.H. believes clients have Trauma from this lifetime that needs to be worked through before progressing into Past Lives. Clients have Entity or Energetic attachments that do not allow them to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state. Clients then need these Entity attachments taken off, their Chakras Re-building and their Aura Re-sealing before we can progress into a Past Life Regression.

Do I have to do the entity release? Yes. The difference between S.C.H.H. and any other type of quantum healing is that it focuses on clearing the energetic body before receiving information from the subconscious. The reason because entities become interwoven with your conscious mind and energy and the messages can become convoluted when you don't clear the energetic body before.

Can sessions be conducted online? It is preferred via zoom

Can sessions be conducted in person? On rare occasion, yes, but there has to be a good reason and Jess will have to energetically clear your home, or you will have to travel to hers.

Are there any prerequisites? Having a regular meditation practice is always good and makes it easier to get into a theta-dominant brain wave state. However, it's not required.

Do I need anything to book a session? Having a headset with a microphone that can be adjusted to your face is required. Similar to one you'd find at a call center or a gamer would use.

Do I use my bluetooth earpods? No! For two reasons: 1.) Because many people whisper when they reach a state of hypnosis and Jess cannot hear you with these. 2.) Because entities can manipulate bluetooth and signal can cut in and out, distorting sound and the call. Hardwired headphones with a microphone at the mouth are the only acceptable divice.

What if I don't reach hypnosis? If you don't reach a state of hypnosis there will be one reschedule and ifit doesn't work a second time, Jess will refund 50% of the session fee. A lot of time and preperation goes into a hypnosis session and there will be no 100% refund.

What is the Esdaile state? The Esdaile state is a deep state of hypnosis. The state is characterized by people being so relaxed that they do not want to move, think or speak, and it is hard to get them out of the state because it simply feels so good. The person is not life threatening and people who reach it usually report having a beautiful internal experience, often very spiritual.

Why do I need an emergency contact? Because if you reach the Esdaile state and I cannot get you out, I will call on them to come sit by you quietly until you awaken out of that state.

What if I can't reach my higher self? It's very rare, but sometimes the subconscious does not want to be contacted or gives little information. There is nothing wrong with this and often times it's the start of a process of communication with them. The energetic healing and clearing is worth it to try and strengthen the connection for meditation and other hypnosis attempts.

What if I don't "see" any past lives? There's been a number of people who have not been able to access past lives and this can be of two reasons: 1.) Their higher guidance has a reason for not showing them, usually being karmic or mission oriented. 2.) The energetic body is not at a high enough vibration yet to access the Akashic records. Additionally, unless you have a very decalcified pineal gland and open third-eye usually past life regressions are a sensory experience, much like a daydream, and you will not be watching it like a movie but rather fully immersed in a different state of consciousness.

What's your refund policy? No refunds. If you can't reach hypnosis after the second time, Jess will refund 50% of the session cost.

Why do you need so much personal information? The information we ask you about is to help Jess anticipate entities or chakra blocks. This facilitates a better clearing and also helps her prepare to encourage the body in a way specific to you.

Who handles my information? Jess does. She is the only one who sees it. It is stored on a private server.

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