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My spiritual journey has been messy,
to say the least...

Although my spirituality started when I was exceptionally young, it took me a while to come out of the “broom closet.” Since a tiny tot, I loved studying the old masters and was always fascinated with theology, miracles, and divination. In middle school, I’d borrow my mom’s, Linda Goodman’s ‘Love Signs’ book, to see which one of my crushes and I were most compatible astrologically, and pull runes from a stone set she gave me to clarify.. ✨

Regardless of being empathic and intuitive from a young age, I shut down my spiritual gifts 

as I built an ego to survive my childhood and the 3-D matrix. Slowly, my pre-cognitive and clairsentient abilities were buried instead of developed because growing up, there was no real support or acknowledgment that anyone could do psychic work within my community. You were either born knowing you had the gift or you didn’t have it. It wasn’t a skill you could advance. 

I’d tell myself I was arrogant when I somehow knew I could do what John Edwards could do while watching Crossing Over after school, or deny my interest when my mom said she was going to go get her cards read with her girlfriends. Nonetheless, I never knew why I could: sense unseen presences in a room by gauging pressure shifts and magnetism, tell someone exactly how they were feeling, or perceive what would happen next in almost every scenario but never trust myself enough to act on or announce it. I was constantly anxious holding this information, not knowing how to transmute or interpret this seemingly burdensome knowledge, and developed many ailments and symptoms as a result of emotional dysfunction and mental confines.


Despite my soul’s attempts to wake me up by shedding my body’s hair in my early twenties, estranging me from my family, and a few odd encounters with psychics hinting toward unrealized spiritual gifts, it wasn’t until a friend, whom I often got into spiritual conversations with, drowned suddenly that I woke up to my mediumship and channeling abilities. I was shoved into it, experiencing them first-hand like the water of a long, dormant faucet getting turned on suddenly. That was the summer of 2017, and even then my ego was so strong that I went back to sleep, gaslighting myself, labeling myself a manic, and ringing psychiatrist to ask them if I had schizophrenia.
“If you’re calling to ask if you have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, you more than likely don’t.” the majority of them said. The people I’d worked up the courage to tell had heard nothing like that happening, not even Google seemed to, and I quickly retreated to my programming, sweeping that experience up as a weird occurrence and manifestation of extreme stress. In retrospect, I realized I had many attachments that convoluted my connection and messages and amplified my paranoia.  


It took six years after that channeling spell, for me to wake up again. And I had seemingly gotten pretty good at the matrix.  had a husband, a fancy job, and a beautiful apartment with a view. It all came crashing down when I no longer could ignore this innate, all-consuming desire for what I now know is individual sovereignty, and a craving to pursue who I actually was. And only six weeks after I left the matrix, another channeling spell occurred. This time though,  I knew it wasn’t mania. I was completely coherent, not in the middle of a suicidal dark night of the soul, and there were too many synchronicities, like: Why, despite being six years apart, did these channelings both happen over eclipses? Why did they both involve my dead friend? Why did the activities and rituals my spirit team had me doing during this channeling need all the material I produced from the last channeling?

The material of each channeling, so rich with wisdom, flowed through me like water, pouring out of my fingers onto a page. They were lessons in karma, quantum realities, how to heal family dynamics and the light strategy of the twin flame relationship. There were parallels to uncover in the sky, scripture, and my life, and by uncovering them I was unlocking portals of sacred energy that activated a knowing in me that it was the true reality. As above, so below, as within, so without. The mystics I’d studied as a pastime throughout my life were the realists of the world, and all else was a program.
It was undeniably magic. And life could never be the same. 


Since then, I have slowly stepped into a space where the supernatural is normal, divination is a daily practice, and our divinity is not disputed but implemented. Developing these psychic gifts is such a joy for me, and guiding others to realize theirs, is a magic I can’t get enough of.
At the risk of sounding cliche, what I’ve realized through this journey, is all these steps I had to tread through were rights of passage to help me light the way for others by exposing their darkness with a tender kindness molded to fit them exactly, and to illuminate their true nature by lighting a match opposed to flicking on the lights after a long, heavy sleep. Together, with tarot we turn that match into a candle flame, later using that candle to light a torch with hypnosis. 


What is this true nature you ask? I’ll tell you: you are a divine, electric, magnetic, and vibrational being stitched from the same cloth as Source energy— an aperture of the universe longing to capture itself. And you’ve come here to design a new world, grounded in the concepts of individual sovereignty, spirituality, love, light, and co-creation. BEHOLD, for you make all things new. It’s time to wake up. You are free, you are free, you are free!
Ascension is now, the alarms are sounding. Will you rise and answer the call?

Let it be so.

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