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My Guidance From Beyond

While working with a healer or guide can be comforting, sometimes it can be equal parts nerve-wracking and many times, it's not the healer, but us. We feel vulnerable, exposed, and obvious. How do they know this stuff and where are they getting their information? From whom? 

I understand this, and I think you have a right to question things. Not to discredit my work, but everything a healer or psychic guide says you should always put on a shelf. You have free will, and the way quantum reality works, there are a number of potential outcomes based on your actions. So predictions or cryptic warnings, or timelines you receive in a reading can all be shifted depending on your choices. Part of the benefit of getting psychic guidance is to know what your magnetism is and asking for solid recommendations on how to change it if the predictions the guide or healer makes are undesired.

At an attempt to be transparent, I want to share with you the guides, teachers, and spirit teams of light I work with on the other side, so you can discern whether or not we would be a good fit.


The Angelic Kingdom

Without being grandiose, I consider myself to be angelic at my core. I have always sensed angels around me since I was a girl. They were my favorite thing to draw growing up and I remember putting angel wings on everything. I also remember saying I was an angel to my friends as a child, it's something I've always known, even though there were times in my life I forgot.

I heard my clarion call in a dream in 2020 and ever since have been on a journey with my angels and diving into various healing methods. I use an angelic surgical team in Hypnosis to remove and clear entities from the auric field, and a healing team in angelic reiki. 

The Order of Melchizedek

Melchizedek made themselves known to me in 2017 when I had a spontaneous kundalini activation. It took me years to learn who they were and that those activations were them, but through various experiences, it's been confirmed to me they had a significant impact on my awakening. 


Melchizedek and Metatron are facilitators and overseers of the ascension on planet earth. The Order of Melchizedek is a collection of ascended masters who encourage higher learning and deepening your spiritual self while in the physical. They appear to people who acknowledge deep wisdom, and anyone who wishes to know God. 


I consider myself a student of Melchizedek and do work with them in healings, but feel them the most when reading tarot and through bibliomancy. I credit most of what I channel in guidance readings to be their wisdom.


Yeshua and other Ascended Masters

I love the teachings of Jesus and recognize his life as a testament to the Christ frequencies and what's possible for anyone who wishes to lead the ascended path.

While I don't fully agree with the indoctrination of Christianity or any other religion, nor believe Jesus, or The Buddha or any of the ascended masters wouldn't approve of the way we martyrize and worship them, I still acknowledge and study their teachings. 

I call in Yeshua in healings and for protection and to comfort those who may be waking up to spirituality and alternative healing methods. His energy is that of love and acceptance and I've known it since I was a little girl. 

The Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is an incredibly misunderstood character in the bible and the Magdalene Priestesses are somewhat a mystery, just like the Melchizedek Priesthood.

It took many attempts for this collective to get through to me, but through various healers and mediums who have worked with me and all reported a "collective of Priestesses that you're part of", to seeing a past life as an Egyptian Hathor Priestess, I finally realized it was the Magdalene.


These women have shown up for me since the beginning of my journey as an energy worker and alchemist, and I credit them to the feelings of comfort people get from my healing and guidance. They infuse each healing with a feminine energy that is undeniable and welcoming. 

I am still learning how to work with them and all the mysticism that goes along with being part of the Magdalene and Rose collective and am excited for it to be part of my journey 


Lord Ganesha

This is a curve ball, I know, but Ganesha is loving spirit who helps me remove obstacles in my work. I call on him to protect me, and to bring love and healing to anyone I work with. He helps me meditate and is all about wisdom and protection and spiritual growth, which is in alignment with all my other guides!

Ganesh made themselves known to me in college when I had a strange but beautiful interaction with them while meditating in front of their statue in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I was fairly agnostic at the time and started to cry at the experience. At the time, I chalked it up to being tired but later realized it was an interaction.

Ganesha is a well-loved God in India, and I have seen a couple of past lives as a devotee to spirituality in India. Therefore he is part of my team and I acknowledge his help. 


I first channeled Gaia, or the spirit of earth, in 2017 and thought I was crazy, but Gaia is an essential guide for me in my spirituality and awakening. She is our living guide and her power in healings is vital to their success.

We are all connected to Gaia whether we'd like to think so or not and she is a mother to us all. I still am learning how to respect and work with her in all the ways I can and am grateful for realizing our connection to her. 


Celestial Energies

IT sounds crazy to say, but celestial energies and I have always been extremely connected and I am incorporating them into healings.


I picked up a book called" Taoist Astral Healing" when I was in the beginning of my spiritual awakening, and that book really awakened me to how connected we are to the planets and the universe and how the universe lives inside us. 

That being said, never be alarmed when I call on the energy of the sun when in a healing with me. 

I hope this helped and if you have any questions, you can email me at

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