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Tarot is a wonderful way to get your finger on the pulse of situations that seem out of your control.

Through the symbolism, numerology, and astrology on the cards, along with my empathic connection, I read the language of the Tarot and uncover what spirit has to say about the energy that's currently being manifested.

I post tarot forecasts on my instagram @ladyandlionco OR you can book below!


Tarot Booking
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Sound  Healing

I am amazed at how sound can shift my mood, cure headaches and even help digestion. I was so fascinated after attending a few sound baths, I got certified as a sound healer and am a firm believer in the science of sound healing.

If you're local to Conroe/The Woodlands and are interested in Sound Healing or a Sound Bath event, reach out and I'm happy to set up sound bowls and play.

Sound Healing

Coming Soon!

I'm currently working on hypnosis certifications to better expand my skillset to help your healing journey. Check back in a few months to keep updated.

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