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However, if you're an artist or creative who hasn't gotten started selling their creations online yet, or you're all about my philosophy and want a piece of my mind, keep scrolling! There's probably something for you here!  

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Well, Hello There! 


Maker, photographer, and content marketing professional who knows her way around a bald head, philosophical conversation and brings the vibes. 

I'm super stoked about showing you around my cozy little nook of the internet and can't wait to light your soul on fire and get that mind of yours lit up with new perspectives. Welcome to my crib!



Just so you know...

I'm a plant-loving, book reading, picture-taking, craft-making, astrology-believing, mindfulness-advocating, philosophy enthusiast here to show you how precious your life is, how necessary your talent is, and serve you up perspectives to empower you to find purpose in your life again.

My goal is to hand you the lessons you need so that you can walk away with your chin up, pep in your step, and tools in your hand to build the life you dream of.


but enough about me!

Most of all, it's a place to be yourself!

Fair question! The concept behind Lady and Lion Co. is the tricky balance our ego selves has with our higher selves. The word "Lady" is a socially constructed word that means more than "woman" or female", but rather an idealized societal version of what a woman or female should be and it represents our higher self. The lion stands for that animal within us all.

I chose the name because I think being a creative is more than just creating pieces of work. I view craft as a rapture, a lesson, and a meditation into how our ego and Godself can coexist and it would be a shame to miss that insight.

Okay, but wtf is Lady & Lion Co...

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