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A  Quantum  Healing  Hypnotherapy


Inside you, there is a light that longs to shine without filters, influences, or barriers.
When we start to uncover it, it gets harder and harder to dim. You might be in a job you hate, feel lost in your life, or have recently chosen your peace over an abusive situation and are dealing with the aftermath or questioning your reasoning. The truth is, your soul led you there for your ultimate expansion.
When you awaken to this fact and the idea that anything that has happened to you is all for your highest good, life starts to get better. 

Jumping levels of consciousness and spiritual awakenings can be lonely and daunting processes but it doesn't have to be a rude awakening. I'm happy to assist you with your spiritual journey, whether that is learning how to market your own venture or unlock new realities in your mind.

Here you'll find free resources, courses, and content to facilitate and support your freedom and growth. I am so honored to help you raise your vibe and ascend.

Are you ready to know your soul?


Hi there, I'm  Jess

Welcome to Lady & Lion Co. a place where you can build your craft, escape the matrix, free your mind, and put destiny in your hands. It's a vibe! So if you've recently woken up spiritually and are ready to step into your sovereignty, you're in the right place!
The Lady & Lion are symbols of balancing our ego with our
higher selves and oftentimes, the first task
after waking up is breaking old paradigms
we've been stuck in to fully walk with spirit. 
So if you relate to anything you just read,
hello! I am so glad you are here!

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Don't miss out on free tools and tricks to level up your creative game and set the vibe while you're doing it.
Connect to your inner spirit so you can create your best life with Jess' FREE tools!

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Tune In With Jess!



Uncovering perspectives that
help us break bare from the

shells that keep us small


The  Blueprint  To  Your  Soul . . . 

Your birth chart is a blueprint of your soul and has many answers to karmic energy you've carried for lifetimes that needs to be cleared or is of benefit to you.

Most planets have electromagnetic frequencies they radiate, and through refracted light and gravitational pulls, create certain energetic patterns that can charge the electromagnetic fields of earth, therefore affecting our bodies, which act as filters and conduct electricity through water content (reminder to get your water intake, friends!)

It's esoteric knowledge that deserves attention and study. To unlock the codes and understanding of your lifetime, the events you've survived, and how best to go forward with the applied knowledge, an interpretation is a great way to understand your own astrology to better inform your life.




Get advice from spirit and peek into the energy you're currently manifesting. Jess is a professional card reader from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday - Friday.
She also books parties and private events.

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Quantum  Healing  Hypnotherapy

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Know your soul on a whole nother level and venture into the quantum with Jess. Discover a world of parallel lives, activated healing, and untapped potential.

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