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Voxer Bonus
Until 10/21

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Are you finally ready to get your handmade products photographed and up online?

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Learn the art of developing
cohesive creative assets you're confident in to build your online shop and  drive your creative sales for three installments of $167 today!

zzzodiac packaging

Learn a fool-proof way to get beautiful imagery of your products

Perfect styling with a simple formula to apply to your images

Apply product images to simple marketing strategies to drive traffic to your shop

Create cohesive imagery that's aesthetically pleasing and defines your brand that you can use in a content marketing cycle

Get started building your website with beautiful images

The right product images should convey value just by looking at them—
They speak for themselves...

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The truth is, there's a lot more to selling your craft than just snapping a photo on your iPhone and posting it online...

Turns out taking yourself seriously is required to get the consistent results you desire. Marketing is simply a skill that anyone can learn, including you!  

Most artists and craftsmen who dream of consistant sales online face one major obstacle that keeps that dream just beyond reach. 

What is it?

Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a question. If you're currently in business and struggling, or you're stuck in the "thinking about it" stage, which of these apply to you?


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You constantly feel disempowered so you ignore your business and stay in a constant state of disempowerment rather than executing.

The excuses never seem to end... there's always one more mile marker you need to reach or skill you need to learn before you can start really taking your online store seriously.

You always feel like an imposter, never having gone full-time in your craft. Like you're only legitimate if you've earned your living with your creations. 

You're overwhelmed by the many hats a small business owner needs to wear, so you never start because you're afraid it will become more than you can manage.

You feel stuck in the rat race and like you'll never make it out without having to sacrifice your standard of living and wellbeing. If you want to be an artist, you have to be poor first to make it happen and that's not a place you want to go.


After reading that, how much of it applies to you? Now you know why confidence is a muscle that is required to strengthen before you really see results in your online storefront.

Do you find yourself feeling or reciting any of the scenarios below?


Say "goodbye"
to the overwhelm

A lack of confidence and feeling overwhelmed is what keeps you stuck with no online storefront to show for and photography that doesn't do your work justice. If you're asking yourself, "will I ever even do it? Will I ever figure out what it takes to get my work online?" You're totally in the same place every hopeful artist or craftsman is, and you shouldn't be ashamed if that applies to you.


If you're like most struggling artists or makers, then chances are, you're operating from a conditional mindset that you learned from your upbringing.

Don't be ashamed! It's not your fault! It's all you knew until now!


With a conditional mindset, your growth is dependent on your EFFORT. Everything "New" seems too risky. You’re always tip-toeing around the edges of your dream instead of taking bold action. It creates a constant need for approval. A need to know more. A need for certainty and security. Needs that will keep you trapped.

It’s a conditional mindset that will leave you overworked and underpaid. On a surefire route to stress and burnout, with nothing to show for it.


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The #1 Mistake Struggling Makers
Keep Making...

When makers and artists aren’t making sales, they recluse into hiding. They stop promoting their work because they feel like a burden and no one associates them as a full-time artist but rather a hobbyist, so they rarely think of them when they are in the market for art. And if you're doing this, you risk leaving your audience high and dry, never fully knowing your passion, your talent, or your skill. 

Or Worse! Mistake #2

When they don't see the response they want, they give up entirely and go into a different field. They waste their one precious life doing something that isn't true to their life. They slave away as hospitality professionals, secretaries, accountants, nurses assistants, or salesmen.

That's like a sled dog being made
into a watchdog...

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Sure, it will have moments of excitement, but it will spend the rest of its life understimulated and doing something its's not designed to do.

Hiding from your gifts and talents DOESN'T work! Other struggling Makers recognize that hiding away is the cause of their stagnancy and try to break into it but leave so much pressure on their craft, they end up right back where they started. 


The reality is, hiding away from your talents, gifts, and desires don't make them go away! Not to mention, that job you have, doing something else, is more than likely a dead-end and keeps you just over broke anyway. It's enough to be grateful for and that's it. 

In fact, until you FACE that you were born to be a creative maker, that feeling of fulfillment will always be locked inside you.

The truth is it's the best time in the world to be an artist. There are so many tools and resources for artists now that the only real obstacle is learning how to use them. 

And after a decade of learning these tools and applying them in creative roles for other companies, I'm finally here to teach you the ropes! I've designed Makers To Market to touch on all the essentials: photography, web development, copywriting, product strategy, content marketing, and more.  When you learn and master the basics of these skills you can apply them to anything you make in your future! 

But I get it! 
Looking at all this you're probably thinking, 

How am I supposed to be a master at photography, web development, copywriting, product strategy, and content marketing?

The kicker is, YOU'RE NOT.
Just know enough to build a foundation!

Here's the thing, you don't have to be a "master" at the skill in its entirety, only the BASICS. You just have to know how to use the tool enough to get yourself going.

See, we think we need to know everything before we can take action, but the truth is, all we need is to know is enough to get the ball rolling and then modify as we grow and learn. We can modify by finding experts to do it for us or we develop over time ourselves.

That's just what I designed Makers To Market to do... I'm going to get you on the first few steps of the staircase and trust you'll know how to climb the rest of the way. So let's get started! Because your dreams will always be dreams unless you plug the address into the GPS, start the engine, and get going.

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Voxer Bonus
Until 10/21

The Simple Step-by-Step, Guidance-Based System for Developing Sales-Worthy Creative Assets Or Your Money Back! 

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Work through FOUR modules and take the overwhelm out of making creative assets and selling online:

Getting Your
Mind Set 🧠

Mindset reboot to help you pin down and dig up the resistance you have towards selling your work online and making money from your creativity.


Developing Fire Creative Assets 🔥

Photography 101 and why quality images of your work are important to feel good about selling and increase the value. 


Staging all the elements you'll need to start your virtual shop, including copywriting product descriptions, studying different platforms and an introduction to email marketing.


Create Your
Virtual Shop 🛒

Promoting Your
Brand 📣

Introduction to content marketing so that you can make use of how to capture new customers, social media marketing basics.


Extra Gifts Just For You

Designed to Speed Up & Support Your Launching Process!

Bonus Vault

Designed to Speed Up & Simplify Your Photography Learning Process!

Bonus One :

Laws of Photographic Composition Class

Bonus Two :

Styling a Flatlay with Crafts Video

Bonus Three :

Styling with Baked Goods

Bonus Four :

Three Ways To Manipulate Light 

Bonus Five :

The Three Key Variables
of Camera Science

Bonus Trainings


Make  On-Brand  Graphics  Easy

Master  Adobe  Visual  Editing

Make graphic design a breeze with the single-handed most versatile tool in the creative entrepreneur's toolbox

Conquer the Adobe trio (photoshop, lightroom, premiere pro) and hone three essential content creation tools 

Wix World (4).gif

Create Your Corner of The Web

Finally get your online website up and ready for the world! Jess walks you through step-by-step web development on Wix


Unlock  The  Keys to Content

Connect the dots on content strategy you've been missing so you can more intentionally plan your marketing 

Get Daily Support!

DECEMBER 1, 2022

Voxer Bonus!

Need accountability? I get it. Now until December 1st, get 24/7 access to me to get you through any roadblocks you may come up against. I'll check in daily and make sure you're on track to launching that Black Friday sale! 

Offer expires 10/21/2022

It's time to give your craft the digital makeover it deserves!

Craft Studio




Look, getting excited about a dream is fun, but it's time to get serious and decide.
You can choose one
of two things:

        You can stay a dreamer and skip enrolling. No Shame! But you know as well as I, that behind all those dreams is a sinking realization that you could live your life out with your dreams still in your heart. As you know, if you choose to do nothing then nothing changes, and you'd have to be good with that.


       You can choose to turn your dreams into goals and enroll today to get going on your online creative business.

If you do not see any positive results from this training, simply show us that you’ve done the work, and if it ain’t working... we’ll refund your investment! 


Why would I do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And I’m so convinced of how effective this is, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. That’s how much I believe in this course.

Take 365 Days To Get Results...


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