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Who put the doubt in your head? And when did you
start accepting it as truth?

We all have this voice. Some of us battle it daily, while few of us learned that it's the voice of a small child inside, sad, lonely, and scared.
Many think this part of us should be rid of, but the trick is to balance this voice with higher faculties we all have access to. See, this voice is just as much part of us as the other voice— The voice that helps us imagine a life far bigger than the one we're living. A life that seems so possible you can almost feel it. 

Both voices are valid. One should be honored for keeping us alive but disregarded as truth. The other is waiting for you to lean in and accept it as the real reality, our divine nature.

There's a light and dark side to all of us, and until we start accepting, celebrating, and getting to know our dark side, our light side will always be dim. In art, we learn that contrast makes the light brighter— the old masters used chiaroscuro to accent specific parts of their paintings, and that concept can be applied to much of our lives. 
But this concept extends far past the old masters and into the wisdom of ancient poets who wrote prose and riddles in the warring states of China, India, and beyond. In Taoism, the law of duality is a principle law. Verse two starts out, "Under Heaven, beauty knows beauty only because there is ugly. Good knows good only because there is evil." The Tao reveals that in order for the coin to exist, there must be two sides, and hence the
concept of Lady and Lion Co. 

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and this energy can be tapped into at any moment. The only requirement is the will to know it. Creative energy is our most natural state and if you feel lost, far from your creative vision, or buried in an overwhelm of ideas with no courage to execute, there's hope. 

Lady and Lion Co. celebrates the ego-self (lion) and higher-self (lady) in all of us, and is here to guide you through your darkness by shining a light on it, and transforming it into your brightest star.


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What most don't realize is all the stuff you had to go through was a north star guiding you to your purpose

and creative breakthroughs often come directly after a personal breakthrough. That's why coaching with me won't always be about action and what to do next, it will also be about what just happened and processing that so we can move forward with clean energy, a clear mind, and a pure heart.

The first step of creative energy is often experiencing contrast. Think about it, getting bored with your mundane life and booking a trip


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