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If you're anything like us, you're curious about your own energy. You sometimes wonder why on cartain days you have more energy than others.
Enter our Spoon Journal

A spoon journal is a tool to help you gain self awareness surrounding your units of energy and energetic budgiting. A spoon is a unit of energy. 

How many spoons do you have at the begining of the day? How much energy does it take to drive to work? To send those emails? To take that call from your mom? What gives you energy? Do you need to make more time for yoga? For cooking your own meals? Or take up a new hobby?

This is a tool that challenges you to document your energetic spending and gains for a week so you have a better understanding of your energetic currancy. 

Great if you find yourself wondering where your energy has gone every day. Also perfect for that friend who is complaining of being "Over it" . 

Spoon Journal

  • Journal is around 8.5 by 4.75 but can sometimes be smaller or larger depending on how sharp the paper guitien is being on any given day. 

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