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The Foundations For Couples - Astrological Chart Interpretation: 

Ever wonder why you and your partner are the way that you are? Confused about your compatibility? There's more to the puzzle!

Get the foundation of who you are with your partner according to the universe with The Foundations For Couples - Astrological Chart Interpretation

Jess will dive into your and your partner's sun, moon, and rising signs and the houses they can be found in along with a compatibility analysis. 

The Foundations will cover:

🌞 Sun Sign - your general personality traits and the energy you relate to the world with.

🌙  Moon Sign -  illustrates your emotional side and self-image or the side of you you only show in private life and personal relationships.

🌅 Rising/Ascendant Sign -  embodies the energy of where the sun's horizon was rising at the time of your birth. This is how you present yourselves to the rest of the world. 

Compatibility Analysis - A small summary of your chart super-imposed with your partner's chart and how that dynamic might play out. 


Terms & Conditions:

- Please allow ten business days for your chart to be interpreted

- Includes two chart interpretations
- Whatever interpretations do not resonate with you, disregard that information or remember it for a later moment in your life. Certain information takes certain planetary frequencies to activate. 
- No refunds based on interpretation.

Foundations For Couples - Astrological Chart Interpretation

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