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Some words about the fear matrix...

Sometimes our desire for expansion is disguised as shame, and we deny ourselves growth out of fear of rejection, judgment, and illusion. "If I struggle financially for years before I become a painter/chef/photographer etc... then people will judge me as poor and I won't be able to do the things I want to do with the people who appear to me as friends. "This is a version of matrix we choose, and the paradigm we find ourselves in when we're up against this pattern of thought is one of self-abandonment. This type of matrix offers us a direct mirror into our own consciousness. "They will abandon me if I do not live up to their expectations of what a 'decent person' is." All while the reality is you're abandoning yourself by investing into the guise of security through acquaintance. We're in denial of our need for approval, of validation, and by denying ourselves our true, god-given desires, we invest in the upholding of this paradigm, further permitting it's foundation. So what happens when you realize this matrix and step out and into your truth? When you take a step in the direction of your inner guidance and evolve with your soul instead of your ego, you change your karmic declaration of service to ego and start living from a place centered in divinity, or service to all. You submit a decree of your true self realized to universal support beyond the veil that begins to align a path for you to step into a more fulfilling incarnation. An incarnate aligned with the fractal of God that you are. Of heaven realized on earth. And when you become conscious of just how big this decision is, you realize that by denying yourself your true desire or purpose for the matrix of fear, you're actually denying God. There's no guilt to what you decide, but which consequence would you rather live with?There is sacrifice in this. A death of the ego is the price for the life your soul's desire and with all sacrifice there is heartache, there is purging, and there are lessons. And it's hard. And it's sticky. And it's not for the faint of heart. But let me tell you friends, when you feel it... When you feel your light, light another's, it's the best. So, may your light shine.


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