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What is Angelic Reiki?

Tuning into this new modality Jess is studying

For a hot second, I've wanted to get more hands-on in healing. I think the Tarot serves as a great modality to heal mental blocks, hypnosis is a fabulous way to understand our soul, but I have found that physical touch, and the physical body still needs help releasing these blocks and wounds on a somatic level.

I've been studying reiki to see if it was the right gateway to go through to activate my healing abilities, but I didn't connect with Usui as I had hoped. Cue a friend telling me about Angelic reiki and my ears perked up.

Angelic reiki is a healing modality that incorporates angelic love and frequency into riki. The healer is not only a bridge for channeling life force into the healee but also angelic frequencies. The attunement to angelic reiki is different and involves the angelic kingdom directly, as opposed to a reiki master.

Angelic reiki was channeled and developed by Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul through Kevin and Christine Core. From the official angelic reiki page: "The primary purpose of Angelic Reiki is to re-awaken us to the knowing of our Divine Self through the intimate presence of Perfect Love. To bring the experience of truly working with Angels and feeling their intimate presence and power.

This is not just a special experience for a gifted few, but an absolute possibility for everyone."

I'm early on in my reiki practitioner journey, but am excited to offer a modality that directly works with the body, the angels, and beyond. I've had a number of revelations since receiving my Angelic Reiki attunement and and meeting my healing angel and can hardly wait to put them to action.

Stay tuned for Angelic Reiki offerings*


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