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RUNE INDEX: In Pictures

Learn about an ancient language and refer back when you need help reading...

Rune Index, learn about runes, rune dictionary
Lady and Lion Rune Index


First let me just say, I love rocks. Rocks are probably the earliest obsession of mine, aside from Disney's Pocahontas, and my cats. I'd go into crystal stores at the mall as a little kid, and pick up every rock I'd see there and tell my mom what they felt like, "Mom! This one feels like love, and this one feels like energy." Outside of crystals, I much preferred the boulders on our school yard to the playground, and collected rocks that had different colors on them when walking home. It's no surprise to me that I use Runes as my divination tool of choice. I prefer something from the earth, and less processed than a tarot card, and less direct than a pendulum.

Let's debunk a few "taboos" around runes. First, you do not have to wait to be given any sort of divination tool. Many people think that with runes. The runes I am showcasing in this post I bought because when I saw them I was instantly connected to them. I left the store I found them in and two months later, decided to return, and the same pair were still there and , what felt like, waiting for me. I decided to purchase them myself because they felt meant to be. Don't purchase a set you don't feel drawn to. If they aren't attracting you, how do you expect them to be energetically be connected to you? They were meant for someone else, don't just buy to buy. If you are given a set of runes, take them with grace, because they were meant for you. I was given my first set of runes when I was 9. I wish I still had them, they were from my mom. They were lost in one of the many moves we made. I used them to ask about how crushes felt about me, and they were right most of the time... none of them worked out, (haha). I had the language memorized, and forgot it after years of not practicing, so when I got back into rune reading, I tried to google runes to learn about them, and I felt the information on them currently is really confusing and not consistent. So I wanted to consolidate it a bit, and organize it into one place as a guide for anyone wanting to learn. I will be updating this from time to time as I learn more, and want it to be a resource for whomever is into runes.

WHAT/WHO/WHEN/WHERE We should talk about what runes are... Runes are an ancient alphabet civilizations in Northern Europe used to predict or see the future and help guide them through battles, pilgrimages, and everyday life. They believed each rune or symbol carried an energy and connected that energy to a pagan god they worshiped, and animal, a tree, and a season. Now, I am not Pagan, nor do I believe in god per say, but I believe everything has an energy and there are ways to help read the energy of a situation.

HOW I pull runes when I am feeling a bit lost, or confused with my life, or when I get an urge to. I keep them by my bed so they can be close to when I let my subconscious free. Sometimes I have a specific question to ask them, in which I will carry them over my heart in my bra for a day, so they can be close to my energy, or I just pull with no question in mind, just listening to the forecast of what they want to tell me. The number is arbitrary, but I always pull an odd number. There is no reason why. I am an odd ball and I don't find even numbers balancing at all. Blame it on my art degree. I pull one when I want a clear answer, three when I want a briefing, and five when I want to go pretty deep into something. Any more than that, and I feel, you might as well pull the whole bag, but I do know people who will pull ten. It matters how you pull you runes. When you pull them upside down, it can mean the opposite of what something stands for, I will have information on that later, but if you have a rune that is pulled and it is upside down, keep it that way for a more accurate reading.

When you find your runes are off, or aren't reading right then it is time to either move on from them, or cleans them in smoke, moonlight, or send them on a vacation, mark a place where you burry them and let them recharge in their origin. This all sounds crazy, but it has been around for pretty much ever, and it is science that everything has energy, and that frequencies are magnetically pulled toward other frequencies. At the very least it brings me comfort, joy, and is a bit like tapping into myself, and can very much so be used for setting intentions or goals, or checking my attitude.


My runes and the cards I have about them are not the same language, so there are a few that don't line up. The Stones are AnglThe last two are: Ing Named after the god Ingwaz, this symbolizes male fertility, action, achievement and also is called ingwaz which is the lone card in the photo above it. Uruz aurochs Stands for life force, health, endurance, manifestation. The energy behind it, strength, survival, healing, primal. Anyway, hope you learned something, and feel free to pop back whenever you need a guide.



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