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Four Primary Layers of Your Energetic Body

And what their functions are

A light figure appears against a lava-lamp-looking background
Auric Field and Light Body


Before I start, I just want to note that there

are many sublayers to the aura or energetic field but we are focusing on the four primary layers. Maybe you already know, but your aura and light body have enormous impacts on your physical vessels that often go overlooked when diagnosing or treating illness. Let this be a general overview of the auric field and how each layer works together.


1.) Physical

The first layer of your energetic body is your physical body. Several electrical firings and currents are happening in your physical body at any given time, therefore, it’s the most impactful on the rest of your energetic body.

2.) Emotional

3.) Mental

4.) Spiritual


By learning about the energetic body, you begin to understand alchemy. You understand the electric firing of a thought or neurotransmitter in your brain, creates a magnetic field around the current of electricity that fires. This combines into a toroidal field or vortex that extends around your body and is the science behind the law of attraction. Magnets have either a positive or negative charge, and so the low vibration or high vibration of your emotions are directly correlated to your magnetic charge and what it's attracting. This is why it's so important to gain consciousness over your thoughts. Over time, if we get bogged down by our negative thinking patterns, that then create negative emotions, our energetic body can suffer because the magnetics never get transmuted out of the emotional body. This powerful harbor of energy then acts almost like an etheric ulcer and corrodes through the energetic body creating rips and tears in our electromagnetic field. This can leave you more susceptible to entity possession, energetic attachments, and a deregulated energetic body. When you understand how the health of these layers impact your physical vessel, you gain consciousness in your everyday life and start to change the way you value your energy. c


If you are suspicious of energetic attachments and would like to know more about entity release and energetic clearing, please reach out to me at and inquire about how a hypnosis session might benefit you or


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