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I'm honored you trust me with your learning and am overjoyed to deliver this lesson. Please reach out with feedback, questions or raves. I'm happy to facilitate however you want to grow. 


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Birth Chart Breakdown


Chart your own stars and uncover the patterns and placements that make you who you are. These 12 lessons are designed so you'll be able to interpret your own birth chart and know how to understand any birth charts going forward. Practice the art of Astrology as a hobby, party trick, or let this open a new source of revenue for you. At the end of this course, you'll understand: - The signs, and what they mean - Houses - Planets - Glyphs - Degrees - Deacons - Aspects - Quadrants - Axis - Karmic Patterns & Esoterics - Ways to interpret placements & patterns - Masculine and feminine in Astrology

Course Outline

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