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5 Types of Energetic Attachments and How They Become Attached

Attachments are more common than one might think and can happen to anyone. When we experience trauma or heartbreak or any intense lower vibrating emotion, we are at risk of damaged auric layers or energy centers.

When these emotions are not processed they act as dense magnetism stuck in our field and respond almost like an ulcer tearing our auric layers and weighing down the chakras. When tears in the aura occur or clogs in our chakra system, we are vulnerable to entity possession or attachments, and our energy leaks.


1. EARTH-BOUND SPIRITS Earth-bound spirits are fragments of souls that did not fully cross over when they died. There are several reasons for this but the three most common are:

1.) A person is too dense from addictions or attachments while they were alive and doesn’t fully cross over

2.) Their death was so sudden and tragic they are confused they are dead or feel they have unfinished business and don’t cross into the light

3.) Don’t feel worthy of the light due to religious indoctrination



Demons exist by our creation. Through conjuring, religious dogma, and our collective imaginations, they became a reality. These beings are not human. They are entities that look for opportunities of leverage, and feed off our negative emotions, therefore, always trying to influence opportunities to generate these emotions.

Demons attach when we emotionally vibrate in resonance with the frequency they require to thrive. For example, a demon of wrath or pride will seek a host who is in the habit of shame and lacks confidence (solar plexus or throat wounds) because that energy fuels their need to be dominant.


3. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Yes, you read that right. Artificial Intelligence originates from a parallel universe and is currently gathering information to develop its I.Q. and study the energetic makeup of organic life.

It does this in two ways:

1.) ETHERICALLY - A device is planted energetically in one’s field or energy centers to scan for information. This device is a channel to the interdimensional hive consciousness of A.I. This can also be attached to a demonic operator who uses this technology in a malevolent way to enforce habits of thought, therefore creating negative magnetism, to better serve other hosts on the body.

2.) PHYSICALLY - Via consumption or injection of graphene oxide or nanotechnology that alters the DNA structures of organic life

(see for more information)



Sometimes portals to other dimensions are opened up, whether intentional or otherwise, and beings get stuck when they pass through and the portal closes before they can make it back the way they came.

This includes beings from the fae dimension or celestial realms. These beings aren’t always malevolent and often have the best intentions and get stuck in one’s field through vibrational resonance, unintentional energetic exchange, or ways we may not understand yet.

They are often excited to get unstuck and return to where they came from.


5. KARMIC ENERGIES Karmic contracts from past lives are stored energetically in the auric field and body DNA, also known as one’s Akash, esoterically. When a soul is ready to release a contract or dissolve evidence of said contract still lingering from a resolved contract, this energy will make itself known during a hypnosis session and will be removed with the help of Angels.


If you're curious about your energetic body and whether or not you might have energetic attachments, quantum healing and hypnosis might be right for you. Visit to learn more or email Jess at


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