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How To Use The Ho'Oponopono To Transmute Negative Energy Up + Out Of Your Energy Centers

With the help of the Map of Consciousness and juxtaposed against thermodynamics–

A lot of us, when we start our healing journey hear about transmutation and how we're supposed to transmute our energy, but a lot of us can't wrap our heads around how. I was one of those people, and as much shadow work as I was doing, I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. That's because there were some conceptual parts of the equation missing for me and that was the science behind transmutation. I needed to understand how transmutation lightwork worked. So I called in my guides and asked them to show me. As I let my consciousness slip into meditation, they reminded me of the book "The Map of Consciousness" by Dr. David Hawkins, the Ho'Oponopono prayer, and then later the laws of thermodynamics. Sure enough, coming out of meditation, I was a bit perplexed how all of these would align, but after a quick google and a peek into the book again, the answers were quickly downloaded to me, and I was able to put it all together.



Dr. David Hawkins, who was a spiritualist among M.D. & P.H.D. developed a scale he calls the "Map of Consciousness" in which he conducted more than 250,000 calibrations during 20 years of research to define a range of values, attitudes, and emotions that correspond to levels of consciousness. This range of values along with a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1,000 became the Map of Consciousness.


The Map Of Consciousness By Dr. David Hawkins is a scale of emotions with correlating frequencies all color coded to our chakras
The Map Of Consciousness By Dr. David Hawkins | Notice The Colors Coordinate to the Chakra System



Our bodies, like everything apply to the laws of thermodynamics given their chemistry, electromagnetism and physical components taking place. The energy of this world can not be created or destroyed, only transformed through different forms. For example food. We eat food, that we then digest and it becomes waste which can then become food again. It's a cycle. So when it comes to our electromagnetic emotions, if there is a bunch of magnetism stuck in our energetic body from a traumatic experience or toxicity (spontaneous entropy) we have to bring awareness to it and work on changing its form. Now the second law of thermodynamics ensures us that a natural process that starts in a state of equilibrium (not likely to change) will travel towards that which causes the entropy (disorder). So when we start to illuminate a stagnant or stuck emotion, which is a form of internal energy (think about it, emotions can energize you to do a lot of things) we start to disrupt it, because it has been sitting there for a hot second. So when we start poking at it consciously, it can only start to travel up the chakra system from one of the three lower chakras which is where most stagnant energy is stored in the energetic body. That's where the Ho'Oponopono comes into play...




The Ho'Oponopono prayer is a native Polynesian prayer. It was used in ceremonies among broken families or tribe members to rectify situations. It's a tool of the Light Worker, and some speculate it originated in Lumerian times and has survived earth reset. It is a powerful yet simple way of clearing and raising the vibration by addressing dense energy with six simple phrases: 1.) "I'm Sorry"

2.) "I Love You" 3.) "I Take Full Responsibility" 4.) "Please Forgive Me" 5.) "Thank You" 6.) "I Forgive Myself" So let's say you notice you have a lot of grief from a recent breakup. When you sit or lie down for meditation, make a point to address this grief and where it lives in your body.

"Addressing the grief in my stomach, I'm sorry. I love you. I take full responsibility for creating you. Please forgive me, I forgive myself." When you begin with "I'm sorry, you are activating and acting in courage and calling that energy to the Solar Plexus, or yellow energy center at your stomach. Then with "I Love You" you neutralize it to zero point, or God consciousness, which is pure love in the heart chakra. "I take full responsibility" moves it to the higher heart at 350hz or acceptance. Next, "Please forgive me" moves it to reason, at 400hz on the scale, and then finally out of the crown with "I forgive myself" which is acting in enlightenment knowing that God offers grace and mercy to everyone, including yourself. We might have to do this a few times before we feel like it has cleared, but your body absorbs the frequency of these words, and energy is surely transformed by this.


Ho'Oponopono and how it moves up the chakra system via the map of consciousness



A perfect crystal at zero kelvin, has zero entropy (disorder). Our bodies have silica structures to them (orthosilicic acid, a type of quartz) and when we eliminate the entropy in our bodies or the need for entropy, our bodies heal. So use this tool and may it heal you! And so it is!


If this was helpful or interesting to you please pass it along or share it with someone you think could benefit from it. <3


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