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3 Signs Of Energetic Attachments Or Spirit Possession + 3 Ways To Detox From Them...

and what to do if you're sure you have one

3 Signs Of Energetic Attachments Or Spirit Possession

Energetic attachments are part of our reality. We may not want to admit it, but we pick these things up throughout our life, and not just in walking life, but also in our dream state. If you've ever had a significant trauma or been severely emotionally impacted, and been around low energy or bad vibes, then you've been at risk of entity attachment.


I am in no way a medical professional, but if you've been to the doctor, analyzed your diet, get adequate sleep, and your energy STILL seems to always be drained, it could very well be a parasitic energy keeping you in energetic patterns and sucking all the life-force from your energy centers.


When one has entities or spirits caught in their energy field, they might crave salt more, or sugar, or have random impulses to drink, smoke, or do drugs that they normally wouldn't. They might suddenly go from needing one cup of coffee to needing three a day. Especially with earthbound spirits, food cravings are common. When it comes to darker entities, demons, artificial intelligence, and dark parasites, the darker the being the darker the cravings. People who have never had problems drinking might develop an urge to use. Addictive substances are a loophole for demons. They see your consent in taking the substance as consent to you being in contract with them. They don't call alcohol "spirits" for nothing.


One of the most common reports after a spirit release treatment are people claiming their mind is a lot quieter, that they didn't realize how much of their energy was actually not their own. It's a testament to how entities can feed you telepathically to get what they need. If they need certain minerals to survive, they'll suddenly make you think about those chips you sometimes get and once you get them home, you always eat the whole bag. If they feed off fear or anger, suddenly you're thinking about past stuff that gets you into negative loops and patterns or, if you're an angry drunk, you might be constantly craving a drink. Darker entities might even be feeding you night terrors to keep you in fear. They often disguise themselves as some demented version of a friend or family member. Particularly dark entities may even feed you thoughts of suicide over and over because if they can convince someone, they get brownie points from a master and might even have a soul in a contract after that. Sound familiar? You're not alone. Attachments are part of our reality and have been kept from us for reasons beyond our comprehension. There's help for you.


3 Ways To Detox...

While there are a lot of opinions and theories about how to detox or remove attachments, let's focus on three things you can do today to help you feel better and get them to quiet down...


But this salt bath can't be just another salt bath, it has to be with intention. With every ingredient you add to the bath, you have to bless it with your intention to remove any energy that is independent of you that is manipulating your energy in any way. Some good ingredients to consider are: Dead Sea Salts | Bentonite Clay | Borax | Baking Soda Rosemary Essential Oils | Hyssop Essential Oils | Clove Essential Oils Also, a few white candles to light

Once in the bath, really focus on washing away anything that feels attached. Wash with a bar of soap and see (in your mind's eye) your auric field being cleaned of anything that might be attached to you. You might like to call in angels or guides for your highest good, and if you're feeling it, state this intention: "I am word through my intention to now release myself from any energies that are externalized or have been created by me that operate independently from my own consciousness, that may be impacting me in a negative way. I am now choosing to release any and all parasitic energies that I may be holding in my frequency that are not mine, that are inherited culturally or have been given to me or created by me in any lifetime for any reason. I am now resolved that I am being supported in this release by my guides and teachers, and that I am cleared perfectly of any negativity that has created suffering and the pattern of suffering in my life. I am word through this intention. Word I am word."

Ask your guides and angels to do what's required to remove the attachments. Make sure your ENTIRE chakra system is submerged at some point, so dunk your head a few times under the water before you get out. Pro-tip, (but not required): mix a separate handful of the bentonite clay with water on the side before you get in and create a clay body mask. Smother yourself in it and try and leave it on you for 20 minutes.


Not to get biblical, but why is Matthew 17:21, the verse about fasting and prayer being the only way to rid some demons from the body, taken out of the bible? Earlier in Matthew, Jesus (Yeshua) gave the disciples dominion to cast out demons, but they came upon a man who was possessed and ludacris, and they could not cast out the demon. Originally Yeshua said that faith alone was enough, so the disciples were concerned and questioning if their faith was strong enough. Yeshua removed the demon, and said that some demons required more than faith and that fasting and prayer were required by all involved. And it's true. When you exercise your willpower and refrain from eating for three days, your body releases and detoxes from damaged cells. The cells of your body are what suffer when these entities attach. They are drained of critical lifeforce that the entity distributes from them. Therefore, it would make sense that fasting could help facilitate the removal of entities.

In terms of prayers, make sure to ask for help. God, Guides, and Guardians come when you call, they believe in free will, and some of us, whether we like to think so or not, have willingly sought after darker experiences to learn in some type of way. So make sure to ask for help and give those in the etheric, who have your highest good at heart, permission to assist you in your journey.


The Earth has powers greater than we understand. Her negatively charged ions help charge the battery our toroidal field requires. We have a negative charge at the feet and a positive charge at our head, so it's no accident the sun above emits positive plasma energy and the earth radiates a negative charge. It's magical and so intelligent. That being said, it's essential to our well-being to get some skin-to-skin with the sun and the earth daily– Getting your bare feet in the grass, letting your face get some sun (without spf for a few minutes!) walking into a canyon or forest where you can't hear traffic any longer once in a while– so beneficial and an underrated form of treatment. Working with nature's energies to detox from attachments is another chisel at the brick wall that can sometimes be entity attachment. Make sure to give the earth and sun permission to help you, because they also exercise free will and are expecting your permission.



If you find yourself still struggling with energetic attachments after trying the methods in this post, you may need the help of a professional. I'm happy to facilitate with a hypnosis session where we scan your energy field for any entities and guide them back to the light. Reach out or book below!


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