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spiritual soaps

Goddess & Goat is a spiritual soap line by
Lady & Lion Co. that intentionally combines the healing powers of Earth's botanicals and Spirit's consciousness to create products that cleanse and attune your energy field.


Overall Satisfaction...
uhhhh, nope, y'all should quitNot my cup of teaIt was alrightVery niiiccceeeWhere can I buy more?
How was the aroma therapy?
Yikesss! Something didn't agree.Made me sneezeEhhhhMade my skin smell niceCould not stop sniffing!
How did it react with your skin?
Yikesss! Something didn't agree.A little dry afterFine, but didn't feel cleanVery niiiccceeeI'm in love, my skin is in love.
Did you feel a change in your energy after using?
I don't know what you're talking aboutNo, just felt cleaner physicallyKindaTotal vibe shift!I had a religious experience and could feel the energetic crud washing down the drain!
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