T H E   L I O N


I'm Carlos,

And I like to make things.

First generation American with a happy heart, and a hell-of-a work ethic. I'm a cook by day, carpenter by night. 

Most days, you can find me in my wood-shop, working away on the latest project Jess has assigned me, (but really, I am the boss... I think). 

Let me tell you, I'm not special. I came to this country with papers, and a pillow. I appreciate the dirt beneath my fingernails and my sleeves rolled-up, (but only metaphorically, because sleeves around saws are not a good combination).

I had a dream to become a carpenter, and after two years of saving, I finally decided to invest in tools.
The problem was, I couldn't do carpentry in my living room...

The way I see it, things were meant to be. I met Jess in the restaurant where I cook. Her and I hit it off, and we ended up settling down. We both were in something I like to call "life-limbo", and considered each other a fresh start.


Wasn't soon after, we found a shed that would flood when it rained. Jess took it as the perfect opportunity to negotiate down a price, (now you know why I married her). 


I set up shop, and by the power of youtube and pinterest, I taught myself carpentry. 

Here's the thing, I want to work hard for you. I want to make exactly what's in your head. Have an event you want a prop for? Great. Have a corner you need a thing for. Awesome! Show me a picture, and let's get started. 

Let's talk shop.

Si, Hablo espanol

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