This Pisces dream catcher is sure to reflect positive dreams in any corner of your bedroom. 
With a silver fish charm, and tiny pearls woven into the constellation web. Each bead refracts beautiful light back into your space, and is sure to catch the eye of any dreamer. 
Lush blue, green, and white feathers fill in between similar colored ribbons, rope, and burlap, together making it a perfect thematically accurate decoration for a fellow water sign, and will make all the other signs gasp with envy. 

Dream catcher web is approximately 6" in diameter and hangs anywhere from 15"-22" long
Made to order with similar materials. Each new order is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind piece. ***Please note, charms may not be the same as in pictures because of the way we find and collect things to make these, but we promise it will be as close as possible, and it will be special. ***

Pisces Dreamcatcher

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