Who says a ring is the only item that can secure a relationship? Meet our couple's catcher! It's where we weave you and your boo's two sun signs together, PLUS combine elements of each sign together. 

So for example, the pictured catcher is Leo + Capricorn or Fire + Earth. 
- Gold Wire for earth sign/Copper Wire for Fire

- Wood Beads for Earth Sign / Red Beads for  Fire

- Gold laurel leaf  trim for earth and leo coming together
- Black and brown feathers for fire + earth

- Wool for the Capricorn's goat fur
- Red Cord for Leo's fire

- Plus other gold ribbon for  earth + leo

It's a beautiful addition to any home or couples bedroom, and it will help you have good dreams as a plus! 
So if you're looking to dodge the question for another year, or remind someone of your unity, this is a great "next step". 

Couple's Catcher