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The Foundations - Astrological Chart Interpretation: 

Ever wonder why you are the way that you are? Never really connect to your sun sign on a level that makes sense? There's more to the puzzle!

Get the foundation of who you are according to the universe with The Foundations - Astrological Chart Interpretation

Jess will dive into your sun, moon, and rising sign and the houses they can be found in. 

The Foundations will cover:

🌞 Sun Sign - your general personality traits and the energy you relate to the world with.

🌙  Moon Sign -  illustrates your emotional side and self-image or the side of you you only show in private life and personal relationships.

🌅 Rising/Ascendant Sign -  embodies the energy of where the sun's horizon was rising at the time of your birth. This is how you present yourselves to the rest of the world. 


Terms & Conditions:

- Please allow ten business days for your chart to be interpreted

- Includes one chart interpretation
- Whatever interpretations do not resonate with you, disregard that information or remember it for a later moment in your life. Certain information takes certain planetary frequencies to activate. 
- No refunds based on interpretation.


Foundations For Individuals - Astrological Chart Interpretation

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