What the heck do propagation tubes have to do with mindfulness???

We get it! Sometimes looking at the items we have can be a bit of a head scratch. When we say we are in the business of handmade mindfulness tools and gifts, people turn their heads sideways, but there are concepts behind each item we sell.

In the case of our propagation tubes, it's simple: growth is a process.

Often times, we humans get pretty impatient with our progress. We start something with high hopes and once we get through the first step in the process, we look at our realities and often our results aren't what we wanted. We forget that we've only completed 1 step out of 377. We forget that it took us four years just to start forming proper sentences in our mother tongue , and 12 months to start walking, and three to six years just to write well. And maybe it is the instant technology, and out faster-than-you consumer culture, or maybe it's the slow drain of our childhood innocence, or maybe it's the fact we have bills to pay and life gets in our face. Heck, Carlos and I are learning each others languages and I often have to remind him, when he gets down on himself about English, "Babe, at what age did you start speaking Spanish properly?" to which he perks up when realizing this is only his third year of speaking English, and he didn't really speak good Spanish until he was four or five, (live... we get it, you were "Advanced" and started speaking when you were three, but we know a lot of three year olds and they are still working some pronunciation and vocabulary out).

Whatever the reason, it's important to be reminded that the natural world lives, breathes, and dies by this. And we are part of the natural world.

When we plant a seed in a pot, it's great, but we often forget that there's a whole process going on beneath the surface that we are unaware of. However, when you plant a plant in a glass bowl, you know when to replant it when you see the roots clustering at the bottom. You also know that the seed is still good and growing if you notice the roots before it sprouts. This process is great, but we didn't want to sell glass bowls, so we thought, "what if we minimize this process, and enter the propagation tube.

Anyway, there are lots of versions of this in other places, but ours is unique in its concept. We are not plant experts, we are only mindfulness masters. You can get your own propagation tube here: https://www.ladyandlionco.com/product-page/propagation-tube

Happy growing, friends!