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Take Your Vitamins! Ritual Review

A record of how Ritual has changed my emotions, energy, and digestion in 30 days.

I'm not sure why I'm sharing about this vitamin, because it's a bit off-brand for us, but it has been an adventure, and I love reviewing things. I will be honest, I had to follow Ritual for six months before I decided to buy their product, (proves the power of social media, am I right?). I'm not sure why I was so skeptical... maybe it's because a lot of people in my family are supplement and vitamin nuts and have tried to force multiple products on me, maybe it's because of all the things I tried trying to reverse alopecia, or maybe it's because they are changing the game of how vitamins are sold to us. Whatever it was, the thing that sold me was their belief, "What you leave out is just as important as what you leave in." Which I fully believe, because taking vitamins that aren't serving you, is a lot like working for free... your body still does all the work, and you get none of the benefits.


What would really be good to talk about, are my symptoms that made me start thinking I needed a multi vitamin:

- Intense energy crashes in the middle of the day. Like I had to sleep. (Pretty common, but I was tired of it... get it?)

- Uncontrollable mood swings. Although I think these are aligned with my cycle, they were disruptive.

- Dry Skin. Which I've always had, but this time it was red dry skin.

- Irregular digestion. To a point where I wanted to go get tested for crazy shit (no pun intended), you shouldn't google. Also, crazy bloating after eating anything, healthy or otherwise.

- Sleeping problems. Either having trouble falling asleep, or trouble staying asleep.

- Appetite. I was always hungry and cravings lasted way longer then 5 minutes, or whatever that lie is.

Now all of these symptoms I wanted to blame on birth control, which is valid, but I had to get real with myself and realize I hadn't been taking care of my body the way I should be, so before I could blame a hormonal medication, I had to take steps to justify ruling it out. It surprises me how many people will turn to supplements before basic diet and exercise to get healthy. While I do believe what you put in your body matters, I want to clarify I don't believe there is one magic pill you can take to make you feel better, however, I have seen benefits to taking this supplement and I would recommend it. Another thing I believe; healing your body does not happen overnight. So that's why I waited 30 days before I reviewed this vitamin, (I even think I should have waited longer). I want to stress I am not getting paid by them, but since vitamins are expensive, both with money and time finding a good fit, I thought it might be beneficial to review my experience. So without keeping you any longer, here are the progressions of my symptoms through a month of taking ritual in 5-day intervals!


Day 5

- My skin is not so dry it flakes. Still red, but not flaky, (bodies are so gross).

- I still crash but not as hard. - My digestion is more regular, but I still bloat.

- I still have trouble falling asleep, but Ritual never promised it would help this, I just was hoping it would.

- Still get cravings, but they seem to not last all day like before.

Day 10

- My crashes are still there, but only last a half hour now, not one to two hours.

- Skin is still red, but still not flaky.

- My digestion is more regular, but I still bloat.

- Having trouble staying asleep still, but no problem falling asleep.

- My Mood swings seem a lot less crazy. I used to get super irritable at the end of the day, which I am still capable of, but I can control them now.

Day 15

- Crashes are down to about 10 minutes, and seem to only happen directly after I eat something heavy.

-Skin is still red, but far less red than before.

- Digestion is more regular and bloating is hardly a thing. - I only get mad when enticed. No mood swings for no reason, lol. - Still have cravings but I forget about them almost as soon as they start.

Day 20

- Digestion is regular. Bloating only happens if I eat too much (obviously).

- Cravings and appetite are on track. I have a little sugar craving sometimes, but never for a specific thing, and something like an apple will stop it.

- Mood swings are pretty much gone.

- I still crash, but only for a few minutes, and I can work through it.

- Skin has pretty much healed and is no longer red but naturally dry, (not flaky). - Still have trouble sleeping, (again, Ritual never promised to help this) but when I do sleep, I sleep hard.

Day 25

- I can't believe this, but I have no cravings.

- I don't really have bloating anymore either.

- I did have a couple mood swings, but are more about the sleep thing.

- The sleep is still an issue, but it's not Ritual's fault.

- Skin is clear.

- Digestion is regular.

- I still crash, but only for a few minutes, and I can work through it.

Day 30

- Still haven't had a craving in a few days, (aside from pizza, which I get once a month if you catch my drift)

- My digestion is almost too regular... like should it be this regular?

- No bloating.

- Skin is clear.

- I still crash but I think it might be because of the sleep thing. I still can work through it, which I never was able to do.

- This sounds like witchcraft, but I feel like in the morning before I put on my glasses, I can see better. I could just be delusional.


So there you have it! My Ritual review! I think it is really helping my body, and the most honest evidence is my lack of cravings and my skin. If you have any more questions about Ritual and my progress with it, DM me on Instagram

Be well, Jess.

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