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Homemade Tea

Tea made from scratch is really the answer to all your autumnal dreams.

Lady and Lion homemade tea
Homemade Herbal Tea

I'm just going to get right to it. We all know that tea is a natural remedy for stress, drowsiness, and social awkwardness. You need cheese cloth for this recipe.

Making tea is quite simple and comes out 100% better than most teas you can buy.

I first learned to make tea in college, where I met this kid from Vermont who would make ginger tea for the entire dorm. It turned me on to homemade herbal/root tea, and I try to make time for it a couple times a season.


It's not too important to dry anything unless you're going to be storing the tea. To start, gather lemon, ginger, and any herbs and spices you may want to add. My favorite recipe involves - One lemon, sliced - Ginger Peeled - A handful of mint leaves - Orange peel - Cardamom seeds - A sprig or two of thyme - One cinnamon stick - Optional: honey to sweeten There's a few ways of doing this. You can either put all ingredients into cheese cloth and then tie into a bag and dip into boiling water, or you can put all ingredients into water like a soup, boil and let steep, infusing the water then, strain over cheese cloth rubber banded over the mouth of a mug (make sure you punch down a little slack so the water doesn't overflow onto the counter). Or if you like floaties in your tea, more power to you!

Anyway, steep until desired potency and enjoy! Really good for when you have a cold too... but I won't wish bad juju on you.

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