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Giddy-Up Gala Project

Lady and Lion Co. took on the task of designing, building, and staging a showcase party.

When people hear the word "engineer" they don't often think of the word "gala" or "artist" for that matter. But Carlos and I proved that those three words belong together, in multiple sentences, all the time. In fact, I'm going to be writing about how engineers are made for artists and vice-versa on my linkedin page next week, so tune in for that.

I wanted to document all the things we accomplished together and compile all the beautiful things we made together, in one place, for everyone who's interested to enjoy. Obviously, a blog is the perfect place to do that, and since this is a makers blog, it is appropriate! Take a look at what we designed and built for the engineering company I work for:

> T H E P O D I U M / S T U M P S T A G E <

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> T A B L E F R A M E S / D I S P L A Y <

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> L I G H T P O S T S <

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That's it! If you have questions let us know!

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