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Jess' Autumn Reads 2018

I've got some homework for you. Just kidding! Here's what's on my nightstand:


Lady and Lion Reads
Lady and Lion 2018 Autumn Reads

You probably already know of Magnolia and Fixer upper and the whole empire the Gaines have built up, including a line at Target (?!). However, if you are unaware of the process, or if you are feeling lost in your own process, you should read Chip Gaines' book. If you like stories of love, luck, or youth, Chip's story is for you. Click here to see the book on Amazon and kickstart some motivation through the hibernation months ahead.


Lady and Lion 2018 Autumn Reads
Lady and Lion 2018 Autumn Reads

It can't be an autumn reading list without some edge. I encourage diving into the dark side, and cracking open this modern classic. The Bell Jar is the only novel she wrote before her tragic end, and it is a masterpiece. So relatable and uncanny. I love, love, love this book.


Lady and Lion 2018 Autumn Reads
Lady and Lion 2018 Autumn Reads

I haven't read this yet, but I have read so many Thich Nhat Hanh books, and used to recite his spiritual teachings. So much wisdom and insight into who we are as beings, and often healing. Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist who was an activist during the Vietnam war, and was soon given an exile or death ultimatum by his native country. He settled in France on asylum, and built a buddhist refuge at Plum Village. He talks about autumn a lot in his teachings around death, and how it is cyclical. The trees"die" but all the vegetation on the ground supplies the roots with enough nutrition to keep them dormant and alive through winter. Then the leaves come back in the spring, because they changed and fell, were filtered through roots, and then budded through photosynthesis. In turn, they never died. Anyway, you get the metaphor. If you're looking for some spiritual enlightenment, anything by Hanh is a good read. We also recommend this book on mindfulness by him.

If you're curious to know what is in the cue, or further read about what I think of these books, you can visit my goodreads profile.

Happy reading! -Jess

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