3 Tips To Make A Yearly Scrap Book

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

It's a new year, and if scrapbooking is something you want to do, you should really start saving contents now... Here's our advice for yearly scrapbook saves.

Lady and Lion Co. Scrapbooking Tips
Yearly Scrapbook

This year for Christmas, I made Carlos a scrapbook of milestones throughout the year. I had been saving contents for it each month, and was so excited to make it because I knew he was the type of dude who would enjoy something like a scrapbook. Given his reaction and the experience of sitting with him and looking at everything together, reminiscing, laughing, and even crying, I'm going to make one for every year of our relationship. Here's three things I did to make the ultimate scrapbook for Carlos.

Lady and Lion Co. Scrapbook Tips
Scrapbook Content Box

1.) Get A Box...

Not a moving box... A nice box you can keep out in the open. I prefer the craft brown boxes from Hobby lobby or Michael's that are meant for photos, (I use them as drawers.) Throughout the year, I put special things in that box. I have found that if I keep it out in the open, it is way easier to remember to 'save those movie tickets' when I empty my pockets for the evening.

Lady and Lion Co. Scrapbook Saves
Scrapbook Saves

2.) Save Everything!

For the record, we are not hoarders. In fact, when I met Carlos, he had nothing but a stool, one blanket, a plate and fork and a file of his documents. That's it. I'm not telling you to not throw away garbage, but scrapbooking is a really great way to keep the things that you feel trigger memories, but also feel is junk. This year, I saved the first movie we went to together, the score card from our first time playing golf, I saved the chocolate bar Carlos used to ask me out with, (He wrote, in Spanish, "Breakfast at 8am on Monday?" and left his phone number). Carlos saved in a file, (and I had no idea) post-its I had hid all through the house from my first business trip away from him, fortunes from all the sushi dates we went on, and the first birthday card my mom got him that said, "Love you like a son." All of it made for beautiful memories when it was put together.

Lady and Lion Co. Scrapbooking Tips
Google Photos

3.) Use Google Photos to fill in the Spaces and Remember Perfect the Timeline

If you haven't yet, you should totally back your photos up with your google account. Google photos totally changed the scrap booking game. I think scrapbooking is the one time I feel comfortable showcasing the snap shots I take on my phone, and google photos organizes everything by month/year, so it makes it easy to go back. Say we took a picture together at the golf course in March, but I totally had that under June's spread. Easy correction!