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Well, Hello There! 


Maker, photographer, and content marketing professional who knows her way around a bald head, philosophical conversation and brings the vibes. 

I believe it is the best time in the world to be a creative and I'm super stoked about showing you around my cozy little nook of the internet. I can hardly wait to light your soul on fire and get that mind of yours lit up with new perspectives. Welcome to my crib!


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Most of all, it's a place to be yourself!

Fair question! The concept behind Lady and Lion Co. is the tricky balance our ego-self has with our higher self.
It's also the depiction of the strength card in the tarot.
To learn more, click below:


Okay, but wtf is
   Lady & Lion Co...


Find me from my article in "In Her Studio" mag? Welcome! I am so glad you're here.

If you didn't get to see my extended Q+A,
I posted it on the blog.
However, if you're an artist or creative who hasn't gotten started selling their creations online yet, or you're all about my philosophy and want a piece of my mind, keep scrolling! There's probably something for you here!  

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Tune In Weekly!



Uncovering perspectives that
help us break bare from the

shells that keep us small



Don't miss out on free tools and tricks to level up your creative game and set the vibe while you're doing it.
Connect to your inner spirit so you can create your best life with Jess' FREE tools!

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Are you finally ready to get your handmade products photographed and up online?

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Learn the art of developing
cohesive creative assets you're confident in to build your online shop and  drive your creative sales for three installments of $167 today!

Free Resources

Adventure Prints

Decorate your space with beautiful images of the Pacific North West that Jess has spent the last decade capturing.

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