(Or rekindle a lustless marriage, we don't judge)



Imagine knocking Valentine's Day out of the park this year, with a one-of-a-kind, custom gift you get to design for your loved one, (and you don't even have to drain your savings account to do it). 

If you're not ready for a ring yet, but have been getting the side-eye for a while, our couple's catcher will for- sure buy you some time! 

We hand-weave you and your sweetie's zodiac signs into the web, each bead representing a star in your constellation. We also offer custom colors, textures, and materials so your gift is truly the only one of its kind. 


Here's What you get:

- Confidence knowing you're giving a unique, handmade gift made with custom materials of your desire

- Reassurance that it's the only one of its kind because we are combining your and your loved ones zodiac signs and styles. 

- A beautiful piece of art to hang in your living space that will bring you joy for years.


- Good dreams! After all, this is a dream catcher, and does have a purpose. 


- Swag because you're supporting  a small, handmade maker's biz. 

B O N U S !

We want this gift
to be

We're throwing in a FREE handmade card addressed to the person receiving this gift with any message you want inside. 

Custom packaging

$5 to go towards anything they want in our online store. 


We get it, shit from the internet is sketchy.
We're legit though, here are some reviews from our Etsy page to soothe your anxiety. 



We're Jess and Carlos, a husband + wife team who like to make unique gifts, build custom projects, practice mindfulness, and teach energy management.
We're grateful you're here, and are excited to serve you in whatever way we can. 


We'll be shipping your package from deep in the heart of Texas

(No we are not cowboys/girls and we don't eat BBQ for every meal)



And if your loved one absolutely hates it or you get your heart broke, message us, we'll refund it and send you chocolate instead, but you'll have to have 100% proof.



Since this is a handmade item, we need all orders by JANUARY 30th to better ensure products will arrive on time, (Keyword: better, because once we drop it off at the post office, we are no longer in charge). Truth is, these guys take a lot of time, and Jess makes them herself, so if you can't make a commitment to this baby by then, maybe you should scrap Valentine's day altogether and
re-evaluate your relationship, cause you got some commitment issues. 

(Nah, we're just teasing... or are we?)


Click the "GET IT" button above to
start designing yours now! 


There will be some custom boxes to fill out to start designing your catcher and FREE bonuses! Once we get your order we will make it in 2-3 business days, and send it priority straight to your door!