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I'm honored you trust me with your learning and am overjoyed to deliver this lesson. Please reach out with feedback, questions or raves. I'm happy to facilitate however you want to grow. 


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Content Constellation


If you feel like there is a method to the content game but aren't really catching on to the madness, you're in the right place. This is content marketing 101 and by the end of it, you should connect all the dots on how to use content to get business. ✨ Fully conceptualize a content marketing cycle 💫 Basic social media and email strategy to get you started with out feeling like you're feeling around in the dark 🌩 Basic social media copywriting tips 🌍 Content curation and grid layout tips 🌤 How to finally get clear on your lead magnet Plus so much more to help you connect the dots and press pause on being confused about marketing

Course Outline

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